“Instantjobgrant Job Portal”

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Intro to portfolio

Instantjobgrant is a job portal were people check for daily job updates and also subscribe to receive job updates directly in their email.

Instantjobgrant consists of the following major pages.

Home Page: This is the first page that appears whenever a user visits the job portal.

Job Listing Page: The job listing page displays all available jobs on the platform. A user can select any job of there choice.

Job Details Page: This page displays the full details of any particular job that was selected by a user from the job listing page.

Job Application Page: Users can apply for a particular job from this page.

Blog Page: The platform has a blog section for jobs activities.

Dashboard: This part of the platform is only made available for the administrator of this platform.


Core Features:

  • Job Listing
  • Job Updates
  • Job Posting
  • Job Application
  • Blog Posting
  • Google AdSense Enabled


Don't forget to visit the website using the website link above, to see other features of this platform.


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